Alex Nelson

Alex Nelson is a Brisbane Barrister specialising in defamation.

He has well over 20 years of legal experience including his time as an Army Legal Officer, running his own firm as a solicitor in private practice and over 10 years as a barrister.  He is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator

Alex regularly appear in courts and tribunals in Brisbane, regional Queensland and Sydney.  He has proven himself in court with great results including:

  • Moy v Isaac; (the Bali Wedding Planner case) $150,000 damages including aggravated damages for Defamatory Facebook and website publications;
  • Weatherall v Kelly (2019); extension of time to commence action for defamation more than two years from publication;
  • successfully appealing in Clive Palmer v Malcolm Turnbull (Palmer v Turnbull [2018] QCA 112), confirming that where the lex loci delicti is a foreign law, it is presumed that it is the same as local law and it does not need to be pleaded nor proven as a matter of fact unless the plaintiff sees a forensic advantage in relying on the foreign law and intends to rely on it as differing from local law;
  • Grattan v Porter (2016); defamation judgment in the Queensland District Court for the Plaintiff, $150,000 plus interest, indemnity costs and a permanent injunction;
  • Petty v Zhao (2016); defamation judgment for the Defendant in the NSW District Court where the Plaintiff;
  • Sierocki v Klerck & Ors (2015); defamation judgment for the Plaintiff in the Supreme Court of Queensland;
  • Acquittals for Murder, Manslaughter and other serious criminal charges;
  • Successful in obtaining leave to appeal 12 years out of time and in reducing the sentence from 20 years to 13 years;
  • Obtaining judgment in the Supreme Court of Queensland against 5 defendants under r374 for non compliance with rules and orders (the “no shenanigans” case) and then successfully opposing an appeal against that judgment;
  • Obtaining Queensland’s highest general damages award for defamation since the introduction of the national uniform Defamation Acts;
  • Setting aside (or supporting as the case may be) Statutory Demands, appearing in winding up applications and associated litigation.

If you are involved in litigation and would like Alex Nelson to act as a Case Appraiser, he can be contacted as follows:


[email protected]


15/95 North Quay
Brisbane Qld 4000